Satellite Events

As a satellite events after ISMIR 2009, the following 2 events will be held to share the state-of-the-art research activities with ISMIR participants and Japanese researchers. We hope the ISMIR participants attend these events and enjoy Tokyo and Kyoto, where are Japanese popular tourist cities.

CrestMuse Workshop 2009

October 31, 2009. / Kyodai Kaikan, Kyoto, Japan

The CrestMuse Workshop 2009 will be held to introduce the latest research results of the CrestMuse Project, the biggest music research project in Japan, to worldwide music researchers. In the CrestMuse Project, we are engaged in the development of techniques for manipulating existing musical content to enable a wide range of people to comfortably create music. The participants can experience some demonstrations of our music manipulation techniques.

Special SIGMUS Symposium

November 2, 2009. / The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

SIGMUS is the largest Japanese society/community regarding music information research, which consists of approximately 460 researchers. As a satellite event after ISMIR 2009, we are planning a special SIGMUS symposium at the University of Tokyo. This symposium will feature invited talks from researchers in the MIR community, as well as an exciting demo/poster session to introduce cutting-edge developments in music-related research.
Website: Special SIGMUS Symposium (The symposium program uploaded (2009/10/02))

Recommended itinerary

Dates Activities
October 25 Arrive Japan and stay in a hotel in Kobe.
October 26-29 Attend ISMIR 2009. Stay in a hotel in Kobe.
October 30 Attend ISMIR 2009. Move to Kyoto in the afternoon and stay in a hotel in Kyoto.
October 31 Attend the CrestMuse Workshop 2009 and stay in a hotel in Kyoto. (See CrestMuse Workshop 2009 webpage for means of transporatation and hotels in Kyoto. )
November 1 Sightsee in Kyoto, then move to Tokyo and stay there (or stay in Kyoto and then move to Tokyo in the morning of November 2). (See Special SIGMUS Symposium: Access Information for means of transporatation and hotels in Tokyo. )
November 2 Attend the Special SIGMUS Symposium and stay in a hotel in Tokyo.
November 3 or later Sightsee in Tokyo, or go to the airport and depart Japan.