This page describes information for authors to submit papers in ISMIR 2009.

Paper submissions

1. Paper guidelines and templates:

Papers must be between 4 and 6 pages long. There is no submission categories of papers. All accepted papers will be selected as either oral or poster presentation by the program committee. Format your paper in PDF format according to one of the following templates: The templates also include all the information about formatting manuscripts for ISMIR 2009. For preparing your paper, LaTeX is strongly recommended to give the final proceedings a uniform look.

2. Double Blind Review Policy

To promote fair and objective assessment of each paper, double-blind review will be adopted.
Authors should omit their identifiers in the submission as much as possible. Please omit authors' names from title page (or list as "name(s) omitted for submission"), and avoid revealing their identities through citation. For example, the references to previous work by the third person would be preferable: "we extend Smith's (2007) earlier work" rather than "we extend our earlier work." Citations to author's own work that are not fundamental to understanding the paper should be excluded. These citatins can be added in the camera-ready copy.
In the online submission system, reviewers will not be able to see the identity of the authors of each paper. Thus, when submitting, authors will be asked to identify all conflicts of interest that exist between any of the authors and any of the committee members (or other reviewers).
We encourage authors to anonymize their submissions in order to follow a double-blind review process. We, however, realize that in certain circumstances this might not be possible due to factors such as reporting results on well known established systems or providing web links to multimedia material such as sounds and videos. In such cases where the reviewing of the paper might be hindered by the double-review policy, authors can decide to reveal their identities.

3. Other information:

4. Important Dates:

  • Deadline for submission of papers: May 8, 2009
    The deadline was extended to May 15 (Fri), 23:00, JST (GMT +09:00).
    The deadline was extended to May 22 (Fri), 23:00, JST (GMT +09:00).
  • Author rebuttal period: June 26 - July 3,
    The rebuttal period was changed to July 3 (Fri) - July 8 (Wed), 2009
  • Notification of paper acceptance: July 17, 2009.
    The date was changed to July 20 (Mon), 12:00, JST (GMT +09:00).
    The date was changed to July 23 (Thu), 12:00, JST (GMT +09:00).
  • Deadline for submission of camera-ready papers: August 7, 2009.
    The date was changed to August 10, 2009.