Social Program

Shakuhachi Concert (Tuesday, October 27, 18:00)

Special concert event will be held in the International Conference Room just before the reception. See Music Performances page for more information.

Reception (Tuesday, October 27, 18:15)

The ISMIR 2009 reception on Tuesday 27 will take place in the International Conference Room and the Reception Hall, directly following the concert. Snacks and various beverages including locally-brewed Japanese sake (rice wine) will be provided in the Reception Hall, making it the perfect place to get acquainted with other participants. In the International Conference Room, the Shakuhachi concert will go on during the first half of the reception. Participants who would like to listen to the Shakuhachi performance should feel free to stay in the International Conference Room.

Banquet (Thursday, October 29, 19:30)

The conference banquet will be held at the Kobe Kachoen (the name means "Bird and Flower Park"), located at the south end of the Port Island. You will enjoy a buffet-style dinner in the park surrounded by the various colorful flowers. You may also enjoy bird exhibits, including owls, waterfowls and penguins.
The banquet will feature a Japanese "Taiko" (drums) performance by the "Maturi-shu", a Kyoto-based Taiko performance group. See Music Performances pages for more information.
Kobe Kachoen Kobe Kachoen
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Access to banquet venue

Accecc to banquet venue

By Bus

Charter bus transportation will be provided from the Conference Center to Kachoen before the banquet and from Kachoen to Kobe Portopia Hotel (not the Conference Center) after the banquet. Each ride will take approximately 10 minutes.
To Kachoen:
The buses will leave the Conference Center at 18:40 and at 19:10. You will be able to arrive in time for the banquet on any bus. The pick-up will be at the north side of the Conference Center building. To get to the buses, exit the building through the main entrance on the second floor and go down the slope on your right.
From Kachoen: The buses will leave Kachoen at 22:00 and at 22:30.

By Port Liner

Kobe Kachoen is just in front of the "Port Island Minami" station of the Port Liner line. It takes approx. 4 minutes from the "Shimin Hiroba" station to the "Port Island Minami" station by trains bound for "Kobe Airport". Note that trains bound for the "Sannomiya" station via "Kita Futo" will not reach the Port Island Minami station. When returning to the conference venue and the hotel, you should take a train bound for "Sannomiya" station and get off at the "Shimin Hiroba" station.
Timetable from "Shimin Hiroba" to "Port Island Minami" (Excerpt)
Hour Minutes
18 04 06 14 22 30 38 46 54
19 02 10 18 26 34 42 50 58
20 06 14 30 40 50
Timetable from "Port Island Minami" to "Shimin Hiroba" (Excerpt)
Hour Minutes
21 04 14 24 34 44 54
22 04 16 27 42 57
23 12 27 49